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Sage House will guide you to live a manageable low toxicity life in categories that are often neglected when thinking about health; these services are designed to help you live a lifestyle that will make you more conscious and detoxify your environment.


Kitchen Refresh

Are you stuck buying the same healthy-ish foods week after week, only to store them in plastic containers next to chemical-laced kitchen cleaner? Lauren will overhaul your kitchen & eliminate processed foods and toxic products. You will walk away with better-for-you, beautiful & delicious options to cultivate a clean and mindful kitchen as well as the knowledge to maintain this conscious change long-term.

What to Expect

- 90-minute deep-dive into your kitchen

- Pantry staples shopping list to suit your taste and budget

- Weekly grocery store shopping list with easy meal ideas

- Green cleaning products and food storage shopping list with product links

- 50-minute follow-up call or meeting to walk through the above plans


Beauty Makeover

Sure, non-toxic beauty is buzzy, but where do you even begin to revamp your entire routine? Are you aware that many ‘clean’ brands are also marketing false claims? Lauren will deep-dive into your beauty cabinet to curate a collection of truly clean products that will make you feel nothing less than radiant—at or below budget. Lauren doesn't recommend anything she hasn't tried and promises you’ll love your new products even more than your old standbys! She also has relationships with many of the brands she suggests, so she can get them at a discounted rate!

What to Expect

- 50 minute in-person, or Skype meeting to run through your current beauty routine

- Two baskets to seperate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’

- Curated shopping list of product options with prices and availability to clean up your act

- Order and delivery of selected items in a beautiful package 

- 50 minute in-person or Skype meeting to teach you about your new products


Real Wellness

Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle but are so busy that you just don’t know where to begin? We’ll work together to develop an actionable, approachable plan that will help you eat, move, live, breathe, and feel more alive. We will then implement these lifestyle changes in a way that feels right for you—no fads, crashes, or crazy regimens here.

What to Expect 

- Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation

- Personalized Real Wellness plan with as-needed referrals to industry professionals

- Twelve Bi-weekly 50-minute coaching sessions over the course of 6 months, in-person, over Skype, or via phone


Relationship Detox

Are you having difficulty navigating a toxic relationship? Let Lauren guide you through actionable steps to take control and set healthy boundaries. By the end of this coaching series, you’ll feel empowered and have lifelong tools to create relationships that nurture you.

What to Expect

- Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation

- Bi-weekly 50-minute coaching sessions in-person, over Skype, or via phone

- Personalized Relationship Detox empowerment plan


Get in touch

Ready to make your health and well-being a priority? I’d love to hear from you.

-Lauren x

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