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Sage House will guide you to live a manageable low toxicity life in categories that are often neglected when thinking about health; these services are designed to help you live a lifestyle that will make you more conscious in a realistic way.


real wellness

holistic nutrition & lifestyle coaching

A realistic, straightforward approach to health for the modern woman on the go. 

We will work together to customize a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you optimize your ideal weight, help alleviate toxins in your life, practice mindfulness, and heal your body inside & out. 

What to Expect

We will have bi-weekly Skype, FaceTime, or in person meetings in New York. 

Clients will also have access to me for questions via e-mail, and phone outside of those hours. In addition, I will provide you with product recommendations, reading materials, and a list of like-minded professionals, should you need alternate help. 


clean slate

holistic home & clean products

Whether you are preparing your home for a baby, or just want to rid your home of some common harmful ingredients, I can help you eliminate them without going crazy. 

I can then guide you on the best household product replacements for you and your family, so you can breathe easy knowing your environment is safer. 

I have a deep knowledge on the best clean beauty products and can help guide you on the ones that are truly clean.

Unfortunately, there are many brands jumping on the clean bandwagon, that aren’t actually clean, so let Sage House help distinguish the good from the bad for you. I have relationships with many of the brands, so I can get them for you at discounted rates, as well!

What to Expect 

We can do this over Skype, or come into your home, and we can focus on certain areas you’d like to tackle. 

For program details and pricing, please fill out the form below, or email  


Breath of Fresh air

corporate consulting & wellness events

Is your office an extremely stressful environment with all work and no work life balance? Do the work relationships feel toxic? A lot of this is a result of stress and burnout. Are the only snacks in the office “junk”? Let’s change that.

We can customize wellness and nutrition guidelines for a more balanced, efficient, and vibrant work place.

With over 11 years of expertise in events, and several contacts in the wellness industry, we can bring events to your space for the well-being of your employees.

Happy, healthy employees will reduce burnout and turnover rate saving your company time and money.

What to Expect

Sage House offers 1:1 consultations for you and your employees to live a happier and more vibrant lifestyle.

We can replace the corporate snacks with healthy choices that fit everyone’s needs and potential allergies.

Sage House can provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly events in your space with anything from yoga instructors, acupuncture, meditation, you name it!

For program details and pricing, please fill out the form below, or email  


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