Clean Out with Freckled Foodie

I had the pleasure of doing a clean out at Cameron, of Freckled Foodie’s home.

We also did a video of the entire clean out and discussed other potential toxins. Read below and watch the video to learn more. I also shared my top 10 dirty ingredients list to give you a starting point.

Sharing Cameron’s post below:

My Road to Clean Beauty

A VLOG of me figuring out what the heck is in my products and replenishing my cabinets

Although I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to all things beauty – a world I will never quite understand or care for – I somehow have managed to collect a large (in my opinion) pile of products. As I am continuing to not only declutter my life, but also focus on using nontoxic products with this heavy metals cleanse I am going through, my drawers of product became the next obvious step to purge and replenish. Unfortunately, the world of non-toxic, or “clean” if you will, beauty is not as straight forward as I had hoped. For someone who has minimal knowledge on this topic to begin with (hell, I just started washing my face a few years ago), I was overwhelmed as hell. After taking my feelings to Instagram stories (duh), it was obvious that a lot of you felt lost as well. Without clear guidelines of labels for brands to follow, and with a ton of companies using this as a marketing scheme, it is hard to know what exactly we should be avoiding.

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That is why I called in my friend Lauren Fink to come assist in a full-blown bathroom cleanout. Lauren’s company, Sage House, will work with you to navigate the overwhelming world of toxins, so you can breathe easy knowing that your food, cosmetics, home products, and relationships are as comforting as your yoga practice.

This Part 1 of my two-part “Clean Beauty” piece shows us cleaning out my current beauty cabinets and creating three piles: toxic (get rid of), better than the usual product (keep until I find a fully clean replacement), and non-toxic (good to keep). Watch to see us discuss all of my current products, the key ingredients we should be avoiding, and overall candor about non-toxic beauty.

Products mentioned in this video that I am keeping:

Lauren Young Fink’s: Contact her here or follow her on Instagram

Thanks to Lauren’s incredible wealth of knowledge, I am able to provide you all with her “10 Naughty Ingredient” list (see at the very bottom). If you are interested in learning more, please contact Lauren directly to work with her!

Now that majority of my bathroom was tossed and my shelves are basically empty, it was time to replenish my bathroom and fill it will clean, non-toxic, products. Clearly being the person who falls for marketing schemes (as shown in the Part 1 video), I headed to a store I knew I could trust and not have to think twice: Follain. Here I met with the store director, Yilla, who gave me a mini consultation and helped me pick out the correct products for my skin type. This Part 2 of my “Clean Beauty” video series shows the insides of Follain’s gorgeous store, me trying on a few products, and the final picks. BEST PART OF ALL – I am thrilled to offer you all 10% off Follain products, both in-stores and online, by using code “freckledfoodie”

Products mentioned in this video that I chose:
Facewash: Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser ($34.00)
Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator ($22.00)
Serum for my wrinkles: 
Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum ($88.00)
Face lotion: 
Leap Organics Daily Moisturizer ($30.00)
Face sunscreen: 
Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28 ($48.00)
Ere Perez Rice Powder in Roma ($33.50)
Jane Iredale Longest Lash in black ($35.00)
CocoKind Mai-Light ($13.00)
Lip Color: 
Kari Gran Lip Whip ($24.00)
Brow pencil: 
Alima Pure Natural Definition in Raven ($18.00)
Ursa Major Daily Shampoo ($26.00)
Ursa Major Daily Conditioner ($28.00)
Argan hair oil: 
Kahina Argan Oil ($36.00)
Lovefresh Super Strength ($24.00)
Enflourage Sandalwood Roll-On ($22.00)

Lauren from Sage House’s “10 Naughty Ingredient” List:

Where is it found?
 This can be often be found in product that suds like facewash, body wash, etc.
What are the Health Concerns? It’s a carcinogen that can cause organ toxicity, skin irritation, and may cause reproductive harm

What is it? 
It’s a Metallic element that blocks your sweat ducts, so it prevents sweat from reaching the skin’s surface
Where is it found? 
What are the Health Concerns? 
It’s Neurotoxicity, a carcinogen, endocrine disruption, organ toxicity, and irritation

What is it? 
It’s byproduct of coal processing. It’s typically used as a colorant, or anti-dandruff agent.
Where is it found? Hair products & cosmetics
What are the health concerns? It’s a Carcinogen
Other Names: Coal tar solution, p-phenylenediamine, aminophenol, diaminobenzene

What is it? 
It’s a Preservative
Where is it found? 
Shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, cosmetics and many household products What are the health concerns? Carcinogen, neurotoxicity, developmental toxicity, asthma, skin and eye irritation, allergy trigger
Other Names: 
Dmdm Hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin, Quaternium-15, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, Polyoxymethylene Urea, 5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3 Dioxane, Glyoxal, Methenamine, Benzylhemiformal

What is it? 
It’s a by-product of petroleum distillation, used to moisturize 
Where is it found? 
Face and body products 
What are the health concerns?
 Carcinogen, organ irritation, allergy trigger
Other Names:
 Liquid paraffin, liquid petrolatum

What is it? 
It’s used as to preserve cosmetics and make their shelf life longer 
Where is it found? 
Hair, face, and body products 
What are the health concerns? 
Endocrine disruption, a carcinogen, developmental, reproductive and immune toxicity, allergy trigger

What is it? 
It’s used as solvents (dissolving agents)It’s a plasticizer, solubilizer, and denaturant
Where is it found? 
Hair products, synthetic fragrance, detergents, shampoos, hair sprays, lubricating oils, nail polishes, etc. 
What are the health concerns? 
Endocrine and reproductive disruptor
Other Name:

What is it? 
It’s a scent agent that is a mixture of various chemicals to produce a desired scent. 
Where is it found? 
Hair, face, body, perfume, hand soap, and cosmetic products. 
What are the health concerns? 
Organ toxicity, irritation, neurotoxicity, endocrine and reproductive disruptor. A potential carcinogen. It may cause dizziness, asthma, headaches, and rashes 
Other Names: 
Fragrance and fragrance blend, parfum, flavor

What is it? 
A Solvent – it’s usually a liquid that can also be a solid, gas, or supercritical fluid 
Where is it found? 
Hair dye, nail polish, paints, and stain removers 
What are the health concerns? 
It’s a neurotoxicity, carcinogen, and can cause reproductive harm, organ toxicity and irritation
Other Names: 
Toluol, Benzene, Methylbenzene, Phenylmethane

What is it? 
Antimicrobial agent and preservative.
Where is it found? 
Antibacterial hand and body soap and cleansers, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, antiperspirant, and other household products 
What are the health concerns? 
Endocrine disruption, organ toxicity and irritation, and environmental harm


Lauren Young