Simple Self-Care Practices

Small self-care routines can make a huge difference. It can increase productivity, mood, and provide a reset for your body. It’s so important to have some “me” time, but coming from the corporate world, I know it can be extremely difficult to find even 5 minutes for yourself. But you have to make it a priority. It makes all the difference!  

Below are some tips that helped me out a lot and relieved my constant state of stress. Find what’s right for you, and once you do, you will feel that much better, I promise.  


I try to start with 15-20 minutes of meditation in the morning. If you have trouble relaxing, then try using an app! I recommend trying any of the three below:   

I also recently discovered Binaurl Beats, which I love and can be found on YouTube. There are different options depending on whether you’d like it for relaxation, anxiety, focus, etc.


Try putting 3-4 drops of Vitruvi essential oils in a diffuser before you go to bed to help quiet the mind and alleviate stress. I typically use lavender because it’s very soothing and I love the smell.



Dry Brushing has been another self-care treat for me. I like to dry brush in the morning before I hop in the shower because it helps stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate the skin. I have the Baudelaire Sisal Dry Brush and love it.


I’m not one of those people who sits down to have warm water with lemon every morning, but instead, I tend to have it in the afternoon when I am feeling a bit sluggish and have “foggy brain.” It’s best to not have it too hot, so it doesn’t shock your system but it’s especially important to have warm beverages and foods during these cold winter months.

It has several benefits:

  • It helps detox your body by flushing out nasty toxins from your liver

  • It’s great for your digestive tract and reduces bloating

  • It also helps promote weight loss (especially if it’s in place of a coffee loaded with cream and/or sugar)

Even if you can start out doing each of these things 1-2 times a week, it will improve your overall well-being, and over time, I bet you will start making time to include it in your daily routine.